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Frequently Asked Questions

Wedding Confetti

How does it work?

The process is paramount to creating the perfect song for you, so please read all about it here.

How many talks do I get/questions can I ask? How much do we discuss?

This isn’t a one-time 30 min call or a cookie-cutter form you fill out with your names, hobbies, where you met, the name of your dog… Together, we find out what makes your story and love unique, and what details lend themselves to a fantastic song!

What do I get?

We offer 3 tiers for you to choose from. Here they are!



-intimate acoustic piano/vocal or guitar/vocal recording

-framed hand-written lyric sheet



-fully produced recording (multiple instruments)

-framed hand-written lyric sheet

-video/still picture collage (perfect for a save the date, post-wedding take away or anniversary present)



-your recording

-framed hand-written lyric sheet

-video/still picture collage

-we and a Broadway/TV caliber singer come to your event and perform live! (+travel/accommodations)

How long does it take?

We request a month's lead time, but we’ll work with you. We can deliver your song in as quickly as one week. If it’s gotta happen, we’ll get it done!

How would I use my song?

People have used their songs for: First Dance, Vows, Proposal, Father/Daughter Dance, Mother/Son Dance, Gift to the Couple, Gift From One Member of the Couple to the Other, Processional, Recessional, Wedding Video, Save-the-Date Video, Elopement, Anniversary, Played Live by Wedding Band…and more – wherever people’s imaginations lead them…

I'm interested in a custom song that's not for a wedding. Do you write songs for other things?

We can discuss writing you an original song for something other than the "I Do" process. We have delivered songs for corporate retreats, birthdays, Bar/Bat mitzvahs and more. 

How can I be sure I’ll like my song? That it will be exactly what we want?

It’s our priority to deliver a song that’s perfect for you. After our preliminary talk(s) we share a draft to all be sure we’re heading in the right musical/conceptual direction. We check in throughout the process, and we can make final adjustments up until the last minute, if necessary.

What styles of music do you write? How polished will my recording be?

(a) As songwriters who collaborate with the music industry’s top talents around the world, we have been fortunate to work in many genres of music, ranging from Pop, Country, Folk, R&B, Hip Hop, Musical Theatre, World Music and many more. We, and our diverse music team, are confident that we can deliver anything you ask for.

(b) You will receive a radio-quality recording (delivered both in mp3 and wav files). Instrumentation ranges from an intimate piano or guitar vocal all the way to a full band/orchestra arrangement–whatever suits your song. Our musicians are all top-level professionals with Broadway experience and/or studio and major touring resumes. Our team works with the biggest Broadway stars and recording artists of our day.

Can you come to perform my song live??

It can be arranged for us to come ANYWHERE and perform your song at your event.

Will you use my song for other purposes?

We will not use your song for other purposes without your permission.

Can I use my song for purposes other than my wedding? (i.e. for my wedding video, to share with friends, on social media…)

You can use/share your song as much as you want! It just can’t be sold as “Songs To Say I Do” will retain writing and publishing ownership.

Where are you located?

We split our time between NYC, Nashville and Los Angeles.

Why can’t I purchase my song directly on your website?

We write only 4 wedding songs per month. It is our top priority to make each of them exactly what you want, and this takes time. We don’t take on every request–after our free consultation, we need to make sure it’s a right fit for everyone.

How much will our customized wedding song cost?

We understand that pricing can be a concern for many couples planning their special day. Our pricing model takes into account your unique needs and budgets. As such, we provide an initial estimate based on your specific requirements. We also work with you to find a solution that fits within your budget while still delivering high-quality music for your wedding. Price will vary depending on the tier-level you choose and what you want delivered.

Do you have a library of songs you wrote for us to pick one?

The reason why a customized wedding song would not be special if customers simply chose existing songs is that the song would lack the personal touch and connection to you as a couple. A customized wedding song is supposed to reflect your unique love story and journey as a couple, which cannot be replicated by any pre-existing song. By choosing an existing song, you as a couple miss out on the opportunity to have a song that truly represents your relationship and love for each other. Also, a customized wedding song is a one-of-a-kind creation that is tailored specifically for you as a couple, whereas an existing song is something that many other couples may have chosen for their own weddings.

Can you provide someone to sing our song at our event?

Living in New York City is a unique advantage for our customized wedding song service. The Broadway district is home to some of the most talented singers and performers in the world, and we have access to these individuals to perform at weddings. Having access to talented singers in the Broadway district means that we can provide our clients with a high-quality performance that is sure to impress their guests and make their special day even more memorable.

Is our customized song copyrighted or protected from being reproduced, and who owns the copyright?

Our customized songs are original works of music and lyrics that are protected by copyright law. This means that the creator of the song (usually the songwriter or composer) has exclusive rights to control how the song is used, distributed, and copied.


When you purchase a customized song from us, we provide a contract that outlines the terms of ownership and usage of the song. This contract typically includes information about who owns the copyright (usually the songwriter or composer), how the song can be used (e.g., for personal or commercial purposes), and any limitations on the use of the song (e.g., not being able to sell or distribute the song without permission).  By providing a contract, we ensure that our customers have a clear understanding of their rights and responsibilities when it comes to the use of our customized songs.

Let’s get started with your story!

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