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Our Process

There’s no just plugging in names, where you met, the name of your dog etc… No cookie cutter questionnaires or flimsy one-time consultations. Here's what you can expect when we start work on your song:

1. We Talk

Bespoke, luxury professional work demands this and that’s why we love this part of the process. We make ourselves accessible at all stages of the journey, so if you think about something down the road and want to either email us or setup another call, we’re here for it.

On a Video Call
Image by Gabriel Gurrola

2. We Write

We come up with a hook (title), some preliminary lyrics and melodies and check in to see if it’s the right direction. Once we’re sure we’re all on the same page, we get a draft ready.

3. We Share

Have a listen to what we’ve written! We want it to be exactly what you want–so if there are revisions to be made, we’re excited to do them!

Image by Al Elmes

4. We Deliver

Whether what you’re looking for is a full band track or an intimate piano/guitar vocal, we send over a radio quality mp3 and wav file of your song.

Let’s get started with your story!

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