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Custom Wedding Songs

for your ceremony, first dance, proposal, elopement, and more!

We want to hear your story and write your original wedding song! You get one shot at your special day—set it apart from everyone else's.

“What we loved SO much about the process was how fluid and organic Selda and Derek made it–there was nothing cookie-cutter about any part of it. After a few conversations, they understood us as a couple in a way that blew us away. They included details I didn't remember sharing—like my yellow diamond. And, everyone LOVED the song!”


Through Zoom, phone, or in-person chats, together we’ll learn what makes you both…you. What music do you love? What makes you laugh? What makes you cry? What makes you…weird? We’ll capture your uniqueness and create a song that suits you and your day perfectly.


Our songs can serve as...

A gift to the couple, first dance, vows, proposal... absolutely anything!

Some other ideas:

  • Father-daughter dance

  • Surprise gift after/during proposal

  • ”Roast” song from the best man…

  • A passionate “objection” song in the rain from the last row?? (maybe not…)

Wedding Party
“As an NYC-based singer, I met Selda and Derek through an industry contact. I already knew their work as songwriters for theatre, and when he shared what they’re doing for weddings, I was blown away. So, when Tariq and I were planning our wedding, it was a no-brainer to go to them. They only do a couple of these a month, and our fingers were crossed it would work out, but we got them!  If you’re lucky enough to get them–get them!”



About Us

We are NYC-based, award-winning songwriters for the stage and screen. In addition to traveling the world writing for some of the music industry's greatest talents, we have been fortunate, through Songs To Say I Do, to connect directly with people like you, having the inspiring opportunity to capture your unique story. The feeling we get seeing our song elevate your wedding is as thrilling to us as any of our other accolades.

“I heard about Selda and Derek on a podcast, and what they were doing with original wedding songs sounded fascinating. I wanted to surprise my friends with something totally unexpected for their wedding. I reached out, and had the pleasure of getting to know Selda and Derek over a few conversations. The song turned out better than I could have imagined – and…I definitely won the prize for best wedding gift ;)”



Let’s get started with your story!

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